The Seed Management

Last weekend, I heard The Seed Management from sister Lau in Meihuazhuang. Although I have heard the law of cause and effect, but seed management is undoubtedly a better concept. Because when you seen the “seed”, you will think of germination and harvest.

Sister Lau is a person with positive energy, she teach us be kind, talk good and do good for everybody. Because when you do good things, then you plante good seeds in yourself and other’s mind. And good seeds will grow up, and bring good results. On the contrary, bad seeds also bring bad results. She also told us a most simple way to plant good seeds is praise when other people did good things(随喜). Praise is the opposite of jealous, that means if other people obtained something you haven’t, you are still happy for them.

Shiji vallage 2019.11.27